Forgr - AI Generated Dungeons & Dragons Content

Thu Jan 25 2024

I am excited to introduce Forgr aims to serve as a comprehensive platform for generating content for your DnD campaigns, whether you are a Dungeon Master or a player.

Last year, when Midjourney V5 launched, I was in the process of starting a new campaign with my colleagues at work. We had a fantastic time generating art for our characters, which significantly contributed to shaping the story. This visual aid was especially beneficial for those new to DnD. offers the following features:

  • Ability to add new characters
  • Generate character art
  • Create general art, such as environmental art
  • Generate a backstory for your character

I am also exploring potential future ideas, such as a monster generator and a DM mode to generate questlines and keep track of your party of players.It's important to note that is a paid product due to the development and maintenance costs involved. While I am still finalizing the details, there may be limitations in the future on the number of images that can be generated per day or month. As a solo developer, I am personally investing in this project and treating it as a fun side endeavor.